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Choy Li Fut (Cai Li Fo) Kung Fu

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Great Grandmaster Wong Gong

Great Grandmaster Wong Gong

In February 2006, Great Grandmaster Wong Gong was designated the Keeper (Jeung Moon) of the Hung Sing School.

Wong Gong is Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong's third teacher. He began his study of Choy Li Fut Kung Fu when he was 10 years old from the famous Choy Li Fut Great-Grandmaster Chan Cheong Mo. Besides his great kung fu skill, he is also an expert in traditional Southern Chinese Lion Dancing. He was also one of the senior instructors of Chan Cheong Mo's Hung Sing Studios in Kong Moon city.

When he was 17 years old, he met Great-Grandmaster Chan Yen, the chief instructor of the King Mui Village's Hung Sing studio. Wong Gong and Chan Yen got along quite well and Chan Yen invited Wong Gong to visit the King Mui Village. After Wong Gong paid respect to the original Hung Sing Studio founded by Chan Heung in 1836, he saw and admired Great-Grandmaster Chan Yen's fighting ability and his Choy Li Fut skills. He decided to ask Chan Yen to take him as a closed-door student. Chan Yen believed he was a good martial artist and a good student and accepted Wong Gong's request. When Wong Gong was 19 and 20 years old, he taught two branches of Hung Sing Studios for Chan Yen in the neighboring villages of King Mui as the head instructor.

Wong Gong learned all of Choy Li Fut's unusual animal forms and the founder's special weapon, the Nine Dragon Trident and other advanced weapon sets from Great-Grandmaster Chan Yen. Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong is his senior student and the primary representative of his teaching outside of China.

Meeting Great Grandmaster Wong Gong

Sifu Lengyel with Great Grandmaster Wong Gong in Hong Kong AirportSifu Evelina Lengyel had the distinct honor of meeting Great Grandmaster Wong Gong during her trip to Zhengzhou City to compete at the First World Traditional Wushu Festival. Pictured here (from the left), Sifu Evelina Lengyel, Great Grandmaster Wong Gong, Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong.

Seminar by Great Grandmaster Wong Gong

Sifu Lengyel with Great Grandmaster Wong Gong in Hong Kong AirportClick on the photo to view pictures of the seminar by Great Grandmaster Wong Gong held at the La Mesa White Dragon School in San Diego on October 1 -2, 2005.

More on Great Grandmaster Wong Gong From the Plum Blossom web site.

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